Our product mix includes everyone`s favourite peanuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn and crackers. LLC "Pischecombinat Donskoy" is able to produce any of the mentioned above products under your brand.


The products are manufactured in accordance with HACCP requirements. The factory is equipped with high-technology and efficient facility. We use only carefully inspected raw material and ingridients in our production process.


LLC "Pischecombinat Donskoy"was established in 2010 and now is a modern snack processing plant with a staff number over 500 people. Being located in Mokriy Batai village our factory performs as a city-forming one for Kagalnitsky district of the Rostov region.


Our primary mission is the production of the delicious and quality light snack, which brings pleasure and positive(cheerful) mood.


The production is supported by a modern distribution center operating by the automated warehouse management system.